Introducing Savvy Senior Seminars / by Kimberly Caldwell

As a child of educators, I have been raised knowing the importance of education. I believe that an educated and informed consumer makes the best decision for themselves. So I have create a series of seminars/classes/information talks to do just that.  

Savvy Senior Seminars will be held on Wednesday from 2:00-3:30pm at the Donut Haus Bakery in Loveland, Co.  These are FREE seminars and you can even get some Coffee and Doughnut. Bring a friend and learn something new. 

The first four in the series will be done weekly and are intended to jump start the series.  Come to one.  Come to all.  I have partnered with local businesses and service providers to have them come in and speak on subjects as they are uniquely qualified to speak on that topic.

Is there a topic or subject that you would like more information on and think others would too?  Let me know.  I would love to expand my series and bring in speakers and add value to you.  

These are informational only. All of the presenter understand and agree with me that informed consumers benefit everyone. We aren't selling anything.  Only providing what we hope will be valuable information to help you.

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